Monday, March 19, 2007

SW ... a little bit more!

No knitting last night, spent too long on the pc! I have a couple more rows to do and then it's the start of my last repeat of chart 2! Must remember to put in a life line don't want to be frogging now! The rows are getting longer and taking longer so I guess what feels like quite speedy knitting will slow down now. Just so you can see the colous better, here's a close up too. I am getting to like the colours more and more. Which is a good job, don't you think?

In other news ... I hear from Maureen that my cqrr blocks are ready to come home. Maureen, in case that email i sent you bounces back (anyone know why I have such problems sending to bigpond email addresses but not receiving from them?), the answer is YES PLEASE! :o)
So back on topic, SW - well tonight I will knit and not surf, ok? OK!
Btw do we like the blue background? Not sure, hmm, think I do, what do you think?

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