Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ok, I was wrong :o( Bigger is better!

Okay, I am starting again!

This time I am doing the repeats as per the pattern!

Even if it will be HUGE, I think I want it to be HUGER than it is, :o(

Btw please ignore the cockeyed horizon, DD is going to get photography lessons for her next birthday!

Can I go back and add some more after I have cast off? Maybe not impossible but also not advisable. Bah Humbug.

Perhaps this one will go in the 'present' pile for later. Actually now I think of it I have the perfect recipient :o) My Aunty has just been diagnosed with early stage cancer and will be spending lots of time in and out of hospital in the near future, I am going to visit soon so a lovely soft shawl to cuddle up in might be a very nice gift right now. Ah good! Feel much better about it now.

I was just going to include the 2nd photo as I look much younger/thinner/more attractive from behind and I am thinking of getting my hair cut after seeing the first one :o( but thought you'd like to see one of my local beaches. On the other hand as I can't actually claim there's much beach in that photo (we do have sand - really we do!) that's just an excuse to get a piccie of me in.

Here is the stitch pattern, I was trying to show the purple and green in the yarn, but it hasn't photographed well :o( but the stitches are pretty anyway :o)

Meanwhile, back on planet 'cool', DS2 demonstrates beach wear for March especially for those of you in Australia.

In the interests of even handedness here are the other 3, DD2 demonstrates the purpose of a visit to the beach - whatever the time of year! It doesn't matter HOW cold it is - they need icecream. And the ginger gang show how teenagers are photo averse- it's impossible to get them to look at the camera. What is that about?

This was before we went down onto the sand and before she tested the first puddle (aka rockpool) we came to. She was much wetter after that!

PS Pink hat and wellies, anyone would think I planned that outfit, anyone who didn't know me, that is!


Helen said...

Lovely photos. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

I think your Shoalwater is beautiful and if you want a bigger one, well, that it just a reason to go yarn shopping ;)

sebskins said...

Great photos of a family day out :)
I think the shawl is absolutely stunning :) just want to buy more yarn from PY don't you ???? Any excuse J.

Lothlorian said...

aww fabby piccies I like your shoalwater...I will make it someday *rolls eyes*

belle said...

I like your shawl too, and good to see a pic of you, at least now I know who I'll be looking for in the crowd when I come to visit :)

...and I like your idea of giving to aunt, especually if you don't absolutely love it, I agree, could be a bit bigger, you need to be able to pull something warm down over your bum.

...did you say something about applique and angels vbg