Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The ages of women

Must be my week for being thoughtful! Pondering on SharonB's comment on my corn/wheat I guess I am 'lacking' a symbol for adult women who are not mothers, but then we do not have to give birth ourselves to the children we 'mother', nor do the 'children' have to be young or even human. When I was married I seem to recall I ended up with 4 children even tho' I only gave birth to 3! And now that I am a foster mum I have 4 again although 1 is not genetically mine; she is still a true member of my family and I do still mother her. And as for the cats - well you get the picture.

Now, in place of actual sewing (!) I thought I would share the inspiration for my wise woman. Belle very kindly shared some images with me as a starting point for Winnie. My grandma's name is Winnie (Winniefred) and she is my wise woman so Winnie it will be. However she looks nothing like the image Belle showed me - well not on the outside at least.
or if that doesn't work copy and paste this link into your browser

So now I really must get going only a month to go before the end of the challenge and still so much to do.

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Couldn't find the picture on that link Jam??