Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not much going on

I keep saying I have had no time for craft, but I have done these few bits over the past week. Remember the Noro wool? Well, it is now a Noro scarf. The colours are just delicious and I am tempted to keep this one for myself :)

I also finally got round to sewing up the little jumper for X, my foster daughter, the Swiss Darning is my first attempt at decorating a jumper this way and it came out ok, I think. The coverage on one of the colours wasn't complete but it looks lots better than the other way I tried to do it , intersia(sp?), which was so bad I unpicked it and gave up!

Yes, it is a little big - but hey, she'll grow into it :) Why do I have so much trouble sewing up knitting? Had to unpick this one and redo the setting in of the sleeves, when I did it first time one came down to the bottom of the purple stripe and the other was level with the top. Doh! This is why I like making scarves so much! No sewing up! If someone would like to start a knitting 'making up' service I would happily send them all my finished, but unassembeld projects.

I also made my October block for the 'friendship block swap'. This has been a great year long project, making one block each month for the other 11 people in the group. At the end of the year each person will have 12 blocks (one they make themselves) of their choice. I asked for red school house blocks. Helbel wanted bears so I made her this block

called a Belly Button Bear. Only one more block to do (other than my own) and then it will be time to make up the quilt top.


Leeanne said...

You are such a clever lady. I do love the yarn colour (definately MY colours). I'd also love to be able to knit motifs like the heart. So pretty.
The teddy is adorable too. Hugable even.

Jacqui said...

The heart was easy Leeanne :) otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it - I'm a very basic knitter. You sew the motif onto the finished garment - like cross stitching really - you just make a stitch over the original stitch in the colour that you want following a chart. Do a search for Swiss Darning - you can add motifs to any stocking stitch easily :) thank you for your comments about the bear - I never know if other epople will like what I d=choose and this one was cute on a 5 1/2" block but I had to enlarge him to 12 1/12" so the feedback is much appreciated :)