Friday, October 07, 2005

Waste canvas and cocoons

Hi :) just a quick clarification for those who haven't used waste canvas.

Waste canvas is a kind of mesh which you tack onto non-evenweave fabric to enable you to sew the Xs of cross stitch. Once it is tacked in place you sew the cross stitch through the mesh, using the holes in the mesh to place your stitches, and through the host fabric at the same time. When you have finished your Xs, damped the waste canvas and pull the threads out one at a time. The crosses are left behind as part of the host fabric the mesh has gone, and it looks like you sew really neat tidy little crosses by magic :)

Ideal for adding cross stitch to any fabric (denim?) not otherwise suitable for cross stitch. I think the threads are held together by starch (read that somewhere) but whatever it is they are quite sturdy and will not pull out by accident.

Small designs are easier to remove the threads from but I found it quite straight forward on both those I tried. Having a pair of tweezers would make pulling the threads out even easier, I didn't have any, so raided the tool box and used my pliers! Necessity being the mother of invention, and all that.

Now the cocoons. Well, the mother figure was the first I thought of and then the crone but I couldn't get past the witch with green skin and a warty nose! I knew that wasn't what I wanted but couldn't picture anything else. So, I went ahead and did my mother and the maiden and then Belle very kindly showed me several images of more 'mature' ladies. We both liked the one I posted the other day. Especially the universe she has in her belly! Belle put it a lot more poetically, but it is about death and rebirth and being the beginning and the end of all things, all very metaphorical. The idea of a cocoon fits in beautifully here too, Maureen, as that process of metamorphosis, and the cycles of life are all part of the art of this universal mother.

My 'only' problem now is, of course, how to realise this being in fabric (scratch head and go for another cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I am madly knitting to be ready for the library 'knit in' on Thursday coming and part of me hopes no one shows up and part of me dreads that no one will show up! After all, I don't want to sit there on my own, do I? Or do I? Wish you girls could all come for the afternoon! Bring your knitting!

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Sharon said...

I would come J - knitting in hand but I live to far away!!!!! :((