Saturday, October 01, 2005

Corn is high and sun is shining

Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.

The sun was with 2 strands anchor threads, the ears of corn with three, making them more prominent and bringing them into the foreground. Stems will be added. This was my first use of waste canvas and I like it :) despite having to use a pair of pliers to pull the threads out due to not having any tweezers! Very delicate lady like activity - everyone should have at least one pair of pliers in their sewing box - don't you think? Now thinking of other motifs to add to other figures - better get cracking on the wise woman she has been gestating long enough!

Learnt a couple of things during this - three strands works better than two, wet waste canvas unpicks much easier than dry, use different shade with more contrast to make them stand out. The sun actually has three shades of yellow not two but two of them are very close so they don't 'read' as different. The 'corn' is in a mixture of two and three strands, three at the front two at the back with the stronger yellows to the front and less strong behind. The red french knots represent poppies and the blue crosses cornflowers.


Chloe said...

Really beautiful work. :-) Although I am a tiny bit confused as to if it is corn for wheat? Once I thought wheat, I was able to visualise exactly where you are heading. But i could well be botanically challeneged.

Love the way this whole piece has developed.

Jacqui said...

No, it's me! You're right it's wheat. Don't ask why, I don't know why corn. vbg

sharonb said...

I am pleased I am no tthe only one botanically challenged - I saw it as wheat too -
Isn't wheat a symbol of a bountiful harvest?

like the progress so far on your bag

Jacqui said...

That was the idea Sharon :) Motherhood being a time of harvest, fruitfullness etc. I guess I am 'lacking' a symbol for adult women who are not mothers, but then we do not have to give birth ourselves to the children we 'mother', not do the 'children' have to be young or human.