Thursday, October 20, 2005

Retail Therapy

Bah humbug, just typed in a lovely long post all about my hectic week and the chaos planned for next week and lost it when adding a link to my retail therapy Ring a Rosie. This is the only website I could find for this lovely little shop and it is misleading (sorry) the shop has moved to larger premises at 169 Park View, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside. If you ever get to this neck of the woods do visit, lovely ladies will make you most welcome and you can see where I spend all my money :) I do like to add a picture to my rantings if I can.

I am going to get an armchair in the window and sit and sew (the light will be better there). I can do the odd knitting project for variety too and I don't mind if they keep them as samples as I will be using their materials free of charge, of course. Bliss, no kids, no telephone, no social workers or fostering panels or ANYONE apart from me and my sewing. Sigh! Yes it HAS been that sort of week!

Among the other (many other) things I bought (well, I needed lots of therapy!) were these delicious DMC threads which I will be, I SAID WILL BE, finding time to use any day now!


Maureen said...

You didn't say:
Stranded cotton,or linen, or?????
(I don't recognise the label is why i'm asking

Sharon said...

Is that the new linen DMC? Are you really going to sit in their window and sew... I often suggest that about my workplace (bookshop) except I would read and 'talk books' with the customers - funny though no one has taken me up on my offer - and I thought it was such a good one too!!!!! :-))