Thursday, October 13, 2005


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Here to remind you is the original Winnie, I decided to age her by making the figure more stooped and to develope the 'solar system' into a 'theme' for the embellishment. So she is the mother of all things, eternity, life and death, rebirth, the cycle of things. Pretty hard to embroider! I wanted to take the feeling of the many colours from this figure too but it didn't work out that way :)


Chloe said...

Looking good. And I immediately thought of you when I saw part of this week's Dover samplelr at

Imagine how some of those could be hidden in the work you did around the Maid. Too late now, but the things one can see.....

Helen Suzanne said...

couldn't find an email address for you so thought i'd pop in here and leave you a thank you for your ofer of help with "austrailian" patches... just as I read your post the parcel came with the templates so I've got the instructions now :D
thanks again for your comments
(love your wise woman shape)

the_hutchinsons said...

you've come along way with your bag. im very impressed and i love your blog. hopefully my bag will look half as good as yours??
im not holding my breath though....

i can say u have inspired me to get motivated on my bag, not that i wasnt already but im going to take abit of your creativity with me when i start it properly.

the ladys are truely inspirational!!

see you at craft club.
(the_hutchinsons at craft forum club)