Monday, October 10, 2005

A new CQ adventure

I am taking part in CQing on a block for the daughter of an online friend. When the block arrived my own DD was very interested so I asked on the forum if anyone would be willing to take part in CQing a block for DD. Would they? Oh yes :) Aren't crafty people lovely? I feel very privileged to part of this community at the moment. So warm fuzzy glow going out to all.

Here is what is happening. There are 9 CQers so if I add to one of the blocks (she says I'm only allowed after it has been to everyone else Rolling Eyes) that will be 5 in each group. I originally only intended to make one block but as there was such a good response someone suggested making 2 so that DD could make a bag with the results.

Here is what I suggest, anyone who can see any flaws please chip in, ok?

DD will make 2 naked blocks
each will have it's own log book
a list of who it is going to
a map of Aus and NZ for people to add their locations to so she can see where it has been (thanks Maureen Laughing)

Each person has 1 month from the day their block arrives to add something and pass it on, make a note of the day it arrives in the log book to remind you and the day it leaves so we can see how long it took to make each step of it's journey. Also adding the usual log stuff of what you added and why, etc.

Each person should do roughly 1/6th of the block max. or one patch and one seam min. for their contribution.

if you cannot add anything at that time (life gets in the way sometimes Rolling Eyes) then please send the block to the next person and make it clear if you want them to send it on down the list after they have worked on it, or send it back to you.

Please post on the forum thread when you receive and again when you pass on the block. Plus any other chat you wish to add (Smile)

As 5 months is a long time for a 12 year old to wait (embarrassed) please post photos to (or email them to me) if you can, so DD can see what is happening to her blocks. In return I will post a photo of the finished bag once we have made it up on it's return.

I will also blog the bags journey on my blog so if you want to see where the block is check in there.

Once again a huge thank you to you all. I am very pleased (under statement) with the response and looking forward to our adventure (Laughing)

DD and I will be making the blocks this week and hope to post by the weekend, and then we're off!

DD has dabbled in lots of crafts, as I'd hope for age 12 :) but is yet to find anything that really grabs her attention. Plenty of time, no rush. But even if CQ turns out not to be her thing (and yes I will be twisting her arm in the meantime) she will have something to treasure for the rest of her life. The idea that people who you do not know, from the other side of the world, are prepared to give of their time, creativity and skill to make something for you is very precious, and I hope will foster in her a sense of belonging to the community of crafters to which I am proud and pleased to belong.

I learnt to knit and sew from my mother and to crochet from my Gran, I wonder what my DD will remember me teaching her to do?

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