Thursday, June 22, 2006


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Maureen's cq has an autumn theme so I chose to bead some blackberries. The photo fails to show the different colours of irredescent beads used, but does give an idea of the 3 dimensional nature of the fnished berries.

The stems are sewn in stem stitch (!) which is then whipped with a gold thread and the leaves are satin stitch with a gold central vein.

The staples (?) are a detached chain stitch.

Enjoyed doing these, it was nice to be sewing again. I will add a seam treatment tomorrow evening and then it's off to Aus for the blackberries. Haven't decided whether to use my other idea for Maureen's second block or not, the pieces are so small, I might do it over more than one seam but I'm still pondering that one as the patches are all quite strong colours and I am not sure the motif i have in mind will be able to compete. i need to have another look at the block.

This was my 1st attempt at any 3D stitching so i am quite pleased with myself. "Give yourself a pat on the front, you won, you won, you won... give yourself a pat on the side, you tried, you tried, you tried." I watch too much toddler TV VBG

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Jo in NZ said...

Jammie, these look GREAT!! Can't wait to 'fondle' them....