Sunday, June 11, 2006

pc from Belle 2

pc from Belle 2
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Remember the fibre postcard swap? Well, this is what I got from my mystery partner.

The mystery turned out to be my good friend Belle, and here is the reverse of the card.

pc from Belle 2 reverse

Notice the stamp and the hand franked mark, aren't they just right?

I love the card, it is exuberant and free and ust gorgeous, lovely colours and excellent machime embroidery stitching (makes mental note to practice same).

What I need to know Belle, is how was it stiffened? It is slimmer than the last one and sturdier. Anyone got the 'perfect' material for stiffening postcards? What do you use?

This is the pc I sent to Jo


It is needlefelted with embroidery and taken from a piece in Stitch with the Embroiderer's Gulid.

One of the things i like most about Belle's pc is that they are her own invention. This is my first one and definately copied from someone else's idea. The needlefelting was a little fragile (needed more needleing) and so i posted it in an envelope. Belle's also arrived in an envelope but she had the foresight to get it franked first, which I did not :o(

I like these little pieces of art and I will be making more :o)


belle said...

Have to say first that I LOVE the daisy pc you made for Jo, and your first time needlefelting looks great.

Second, pleased you like the pc I sent you :)

I used fast2fuse to stiffen, same as in the first one I sent, but you may remember I couldn't get it to fuse to the wool felt backing I used on the other one, which is why it feels 'fatter'.

It might be called something different there....Wonderunder maybe???

And I put this ine in an envelope because I wasn't sure how the beading would survive the journey, next one I'll send to you naked vbg

Badger said...

Both those cards are stunning!

~Silvia~ said...

The cards are amazing!!! Having finaly had a go at needle felting and loving it i must have a go at making a PC..sometime

Leeanne said...

I really like your pc you sent. I thought you'd put a lot of work and effort into it.

Nice going.