Saturday, June 24, 2006

Is this craft?

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Here is the other thing I have been doing! Spending money! Does that count as craft?

The stash photographed has only one ball of each, but I have lots of the DB cotton Angora (caramel), lots of the other angora (dark green) more of the fairytale (white) 4ply, a couple of the DB pure silk (light purple) and a couple of the fibrespates (varigated purple/blue and red/orange). If I had photgraphed it all it would have looked much more out of control (remember the yarn fast? No, me neither!) this way with one ball of each it's almost respectable VBG Special mention goes to the posh yarn here seen on the right ofthe photo 2 x 100g hanks - about to learn to do laceweight knitting. Well, when I say about to - I mean "one day i will..." :o)

So that is 3 shawls, 1 stole, 1 cardigan (nearly finished), 3 pairs of socks, a bolero, a jumper, a jumper for little miss 3, and something as yet undecided with the silk.

Hmm! Think I need to sell off some of my back stash to make room for this lot!

Oh and I also bought the whole Rajmahal threads collection too and some DB Cathay - well, it was on sale! So I had to. Profligate consumption. Will be knitting for ages, no more yarn, i keep filling my virtual baskets and then emptying them now, surely that little lot is enought, right? Yeh, right! VBG

Guess it's back to buying books from now on - anyone got any suggestions? Oh, knitting books? You think so? OK!


belle said...

Wow!! bet that was fun, buying that lot :)

Nice lot of yarn you have there, look forward to seeing the transformation, and wondering what you'll do with the silk??

~Silvia~ said...

It deffenetly counts as a craft! To take a photo of such wonderful Yarn and mke it look so artistic and incredibly srumptious is very crafty indeed.

Badger said...

That's one impressive stash!