Monday, June 26, 2006

maureen's seam & those berries again!

maureen's seam
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Finally finished my additions to Maureen's autumn themed cq blocks.

The first additions were the blackberries and then tonight I added a seam treatment which started out as a simple double herringbone in oranges but I added some french knots to represent seeds and then decded to widen out the seam and spill the seeds across the edge of the fan.

Also please note how the photo of the blackberries is better when i am trying to photograph the seam than it was when I was trying to photograph the berries themselves! Sods law! Click on the picture for a larger photo.


Here is the other doodle on the other block.

This block really stumped me, all the pieces are small and the colours are very strong with lots of pattern on most pieces. I umed and ahed and was just about to chicken out and not add anything to the block when I spotted this little patch.

The material is textured so i made the blackwork stronger by using two strands of thread for the outline. Something quintessentially (sp?) English for you Maureen, acorns.

Autumn, love it! Mists og mellow fruitfullness. I hope you like what I have added to your block. I found your blocks rather difficult to work with but in the end I am happy with what I have acheived and I enjoyed the challenge.

In the post back to Aus in the morning. :o)

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