Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma

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Tomorrow my grandma is 90 yrs old, happy birthday Grandma.

Here is a phot of the tea cosy I made for her. She is the oly person I know who uses a teapot!

So use your imagination - I don't even own a teapot so imagine the photo in focus (might help!) and with handle and spout.

The pattern is from the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine - one of the Uk's 2 hand knitting mags. The cosy is a 1 x 1 rib gathered together at the top with a ribbon tied in a bow and the flowers are crochet. All in Double Knit from my extensive (I think it's breeding *shock*) stash.

I really enjoyed the crochet - must do more of this and get over my crochet pattern phobia.

Next back to the row by row quilt, this months row is 'baskets' and Spooky has chosen really brigth fabric so that will be very jolly to do, looking forward to it, have some patterns picked out just need to get on with it!


Calidore said...
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belle said...

Jam, it's lovely :) Grandma will just love it. I'm sure, specially when it was handmade by you.

I had imagined flowers all over it when you said you were busy crocheting them rofl so happy to see they're quite discreet vbg

Is lavender/mauve her favourite colour, or did the stash dictate that?

Calidore said...

I will have another go at a comment. Goodness the brain is on malfunction (blushing hotly here).

Happy Birthday to your Grandma. I use a teapot and cosy too - guess how many cuppa's I Lovely work on the cosy and such a pretty colour.

~Silvia~ said...

I love the color you have chosen. I also use a teapot and am very tempted to make the cosy.
Happy Birthday to your grandma