Monday, June 05, 2006

CQ RR second round arrives today.

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Maureen's blocks are here!

I have to admit to being a little surprised by my reaction to them arriving.

I have been waiting for at least a week, hoping the postman would bring them every day. I have watched with interest and delight as other people have posted their progress on other blocks while I waited. I fretted a little that they were a casualty of transatlantic mail travel.

Finally i have the prized items in my hot little hands and ... nothing ... flat ... uninspired. Sad :o(

Maybe it is because i was so excited about the prospect that the reality is a little disappointing.

Now, before I offend anyone (or by way of appology if I have), it isn't the blocks themselves which have disappointed and floored me. Infact Maureens choice of an autumn theme is a good one for me as autumn is my favourite time of year, mists of mellow fruitfullness and all that :o)

I think it is that I expected to know what to stitch on them immediately I unwrapped them. I wanted the place where I will stitch to sing out to me "over here, your bit goes on this patch, across this seam!" Sadly, no. That would, perhaps, be too easy VBG

So now I will pin them on my design wall and wait for something to come to me. Is that an idea lurking around at the back of my brain, hiding behind my childhood memories of kicking leaves up along grass verges? Hang on while i go and prod around in there a bit and see what I can find ;o) Hang on Maureen, it's a work not yet quite in progress.


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No you aren't jammie... And I have yours!!!!!!!!