Saturday, June 17, 2006

spooky's row

spooky's row
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Here's my most recent work. I am in a row by row swap on a craft forum and the person I am sewing for on this row has a seaside theme and a bright colour palette. The row is suposed to be 'baskets' so i adapted this to make a row of little bckets for making sandcastles on the beach.

I made the handles from gold braid couched onto the dark blue fabric - they show up really nicely in real life having a little sparkle to them :o) I enjoed stitching this row and using the bright colours I might not normaly choose.

Waiting for the next bok to come, without going to look it up I can't remember who I am sewing for next nor what he instructions for the row are. This is one of the nice things about a round robin - you get to different things. The last row was paper piecing (foundation piecing) and I didn't get on so well with that but this row was any tecnique so long as it was baskets and i played it safe ad did a straight forward pieced patchwork row. I think I might have some applique coming up son and I will need to allow a little extra time for that - I was a few days late with this row as it was.

It's been a really busy week and I am looking forward to a little calmer time in the week coming up- famous last words. I have some cq to catch up on and then a christmas ornament to make. After that the next row will be due and I still have some other projects I want to work on. That's not to mention all the yarn I've been buying recently - please don't mention all the yarn I've been buying lately! No time to knit though :o)

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