Thursday, December 01, 2005

All that Jazz 1

All that Jazz 1
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If you look above the trumpet you can see my mistake in assembling the block! I need to find something to cover this seam jojn where the seams didn't join :) In the meantime I press on but it took a whole evenings work to do this one little picture so I think any hope I had of meetig Sharon's Dec. 8th deadline is now gone. I will continue anyway and hope that she will be able to add the block to the others that don't make it into the main quilt to be used for other fundraising projects.

I want to be able to add some blackwork to this block too but I haven't worked out how yet, although as I type this an idea is forming :) isn't it great when that happens! Could always be sleep deprivation of course :) better go to bed before I meet myself coming back!

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belle said...

Looking good Jam, and I like your trumpet- it's different to mine, that's a relief :)

Can't wait to see where you go with your this.