Friday, December 16, 2005

allthatjazz crinoline lady

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Here is that chart :) Thank you again, Linda, I think that element of my block is the most successful. I am already having ideas about how I can combine my wise woman (from the bags of fun challenge) and blackwork with waste canvas.

My seam treatments were taken from these books

and my thread choices and the fabrics for the block itself were all from my stash and entirely arbitrary. I just chose everything in my stash that fitted the colours on my mind map and then weeded them out by discarding those which didn't fit well together.

Whatever I have arrived at, was arrived at more by chance and what institct I possess, than by careful thought or planning. It just felt right at the time.

What would I change? Firstly, to use the hoop less tightly so that it does not crush the velvet. Secondly, to remember that my block is slightly bigger than the finished size and to move everything in by a fraction. Thirdly, more flowers on the wisteria. Finally, to get some of the notifs moving out of their boxes and across more of the block.


Maureen said...

Have you tried using a "doughnut"?

A doughnut is a square of calico or similar fabric the same size as the fabric being embroidered,but with the centre(of the square) cut out to reveal the design;and it's placed over the front of the design fabric before the 2 fabric pieces are assembled together in the hoop.
A second doughnut can be placed at the back of the fabric to further assist in softening the impression of the hoop.
Of course you could always use a larger hoop!

Jo in NZ said...

I like your 'self critique' Jacqui. I agree with moving the motifs across different fabrics. Do you find you see your work diffently when you look at a photo?(on the puter)