Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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I am posting this picture of a christmas angel doll which I made for a swap which opened Nov. 30th. The real reason I am posting it now is that I have just finished another doll for Belle for Christmas and I REALLY want to show you a picture of that one, but I can't, because she doesn't get it until christmas, and I don't want her peeking :) But I am fighting very hard with myself not to show you.

This one doesn't look like the new one either, in case you are wondering :) Completely different. okay, clue numer one - tea dyeing. I'm not saying any more ... no, I'm not, don't tempt me.


belle said...

I won't peek if you post a pic..... I promise :) (Yea, right !!)

Sharon said...

I just love her face... She has such a serene look... I think she is lovely... You are so very talented J...

Jacqui said...

Sharon, you are so nice :) I want you to be the one who comments on all my projects as you make me feel so positive about myself. You can definately come again!