Friday, December 16, 2005

allthatjazz visual journal (2)

allthatjazz visual journal (2)
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This is the other page.

I went through the posts on the group page and pulled together the ideas and themes mentioned by the other participants. I grouped these into themes, music, colours, etc.

Then I pulled out my books and began to look for images than fitted these themes. Many of my resources are cross stitch related. Linda had introduced me to the idea of using waste canvas for cross stitch on cq and I chose to use this technique because it is so familiar to me, comfortable therefore.

I have been looking for stitch styles/techniques I could adopt to use with the waste canvas other than cross stitch and I remembered the crinoline lady pictures Linda put on her blog, Chloe's Place. Blackwork seemed the ideal thing. I have always admired the simplicity of this stitching and the beauty of it's patterns but I have never done any before. I talked a few weeks ago about how I went about converting the original cross stitch chart into a blackwork version of the crinoline lady. This was the most successful element of my block.

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