Monday, December 19, 2005

Mutant Doll!

Mutant Doll!
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The dress should have been fuller to make it easier for chubby 5 year old hands to turn her upsdie down. The hair was made by winding the yarn around a place mat and sewing a seam down the strip of yarn strands. Then cut off the yarn up the middle of the other side of the mat. Attach to the head with the seam running down the back of the head. Plat the ends and tie off before trimming to desired length. I originally made the plats longer but had to trim them to fit them into the skirt when she's upside down. Lastly draw faces on with fabric pens. Now she needs to be wrapped and posted or she wont arrive in time for Christmas :)

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belle said...

Jammy, I love these dolls :) have made a few myself, including a red riding hood, big bad wolf combination - now that's an interesting mutation.

The little recipient won't notice a too-small skirt, she;ll be charmed by her pink and lavender haired companion - nice choice btw.