Sunday, December 04, 2005


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Using the crinoline lady design posted by Linda here I drew the outline and main features onto a piece of waste canvas (14 count). The waste canvas was then tacked in place over the all that jazz block which was stretched over an embroidery hoop. Then I backstitched the outlines with black stranded embroidery floss. At this stage I decided to omit a couple of the lined across the centre of her skirt in order to leave larger areas to fill with the patterns. Once this was complete using the patterns from my book and a couple of simple patterns I made up as I went along I filled in the areas inside the outlines.

Once all the backstitch was finished I dampened the waste canvas with a wrung out cloth and the pulled the guide threads to leave the embroidery behind. The threads of the waste canvas are held to gether with starch and when you moisten then the 'glue' disolves and they pull out from between the stitches easily.

I look forward to doing some more blackwork on other projects and feel it makes good use of all those years I spent cross stitching before I found cq :)

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