Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Forum Doll Swap

Forum Doll Swap
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Looking back through my blog I realise I didn't show you a phot of the doll I received from jenkay for the Christmas Angel Doll Swap - so here she is :) In't she great - the kind of prim I like - I don't like those raggedy Anne types with triangles for noses - what is that all about? Anyway, this one I do like - she is very dainty and delicate and quite subdude (sp?) so I could keep her out all year if I wanted to :) She also has a couple of unusual features her legs are made by dividing one leg into two with a running stitch - very clever and not a little tricky I imagine. and her nose is slightly conoured by having a running stitch down each side and being 'pulled in' for want of a better description. :)

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