Monday, April 02, 2007

CQ comes home.

I have forgotten how many months ago these two White on White blocks went off on their journey but look what came home today!

It is incredibly difficult to photograph these and show how wonderful they are so you are all invited for tea at my place and we can pass there round for a real life show and tell.
I feel very emotional about these blocks, far more than I expected to. When I sent them off to Aus I wasn't at all attached to them, I just thought WoW was a 'nice' idea, and one I hadn't tried myself yet, so it seemed a good idea.
But it has been a long and frustrating round, this rr. Four blocks (sets of blocks) have gone missing in the post and have not been recovered so far. People are not happy. Other people feel responsible - which they are not, and others feel blamed which is sad.
I asked for these blocks to be sent back to me rather than to go on to the USA which has been the leg of the journey where all 4 others disappeared. I felt sad about doing that, as if I could be seen as apportioning blame, which I am not. But with so much work already completed on the blocks (the USA would have been the last stop) I really was worried these would be lost too.
And that was before I had seen what work there is.
I will try to take some close ups over the next few days. These photos above have been taken from the blog for the group that took part in the cq rr go have a look at the other blocks that are doing the rounds.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the rr, thank you to Maureen for starting the whole thing off (although I am sure she has felt at times that she wishes she hadn't) thank you to pinup for stepping in to pursue the missing blocks whilst Maureen was moving house, and thank you to the postal service for bringing these wonderful beautiful things home to me. (and especially remembering those who gave generously even when their own blocks had fallen by the international wayside.) Thank you.
I think I will have them mounted and framed as a way of preserving their beauty and cleanliness. I feel very humble at all the hours they represent of people's time and thought that went into them.
Despite the difficulties this rr has had, I feel tonight that it has been worthwhile, because I have the prize in my hands and I am blessed. Thank you.

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