Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pondering Prevaricating or Why do we do it?

Just a little eye candy to distract you. I 'borrowed' Dee's photo which I hope she wont mind (just say the word and I'll remove it, Dee, but I haven't linked to your site for it, strange things like bandwidth leap to mind but I don't know anything about that, just that people don't like it...). I'll also tell you to get yourself over to Posh Yarn where there are still a few skeins of her yummy yarn left waiting to be given a new home. Adopt a skein! You wont regret it.

The lace weight pictured left is called Cardinal and is so soft - I must confess to stash stroking. :o) As an aside I'll just mention why I can't buy all the DK, Aran and Chunky yarn she has too , as well as all the lace... £ ... but also the number of skeins of each colour... I cannot estimate how much I'll need so I have to buy lots of each colour *blushes* it's a curse, I need therapy!otherwise we'd need a bigger house as I would have to buy it all *shock* There also other customers who might want some ... but ... anyway, back to the prevaricating.

The prevaricating of the title is over my sewing. Why can't I get myself motivated to get that stitching done?

It isn't the project itself. It's a row of a 'row by row' swap I was in last year. (And that fact alone tells you how late I am!) The theme for the quilt is a village and my row is of Angels in the sky above. The colours are colours I'd choose myself, so that's not it. Anyone visiting this blog knows I like purples, magenta and pinks (the yarn says it all). It's definitely not the recipient, she's someone I am happy to count as a dear friend, although (in the way of the Internet) we will most likely never meet. But over the years (doesn't time fly) we have shared a lot of information and enjoyment in our messages since we were first paired in a swap many moons ago. It is perhaps because I am not frightened of her that I am so tardy! Belle, you just aren't scarey - see not my fault at all? Oh, ok, it is my fault! :o( The fact is I have taken a liberty with my friend that I would not take with a stranger, that's okay in someways, but not in others and the others are bothering me.

So why can't I get going on the sewing?

I first started doing a lot of sewing when my children were in school all day - I would get things sorted in the afternoons, the cutting out, the planning, etc. and sit down to sew at my machine or by hand, in the evening. Now I have a precious 2 1/2 hours during the day when little DD is in nursery and during that time I have to squeeze my part time job and any other 'me' stuff (like housework, hang on when did that get to be 'me' stuff?). The job is working from home so I can do it in the evenings but I prefer to get it cleared during the day to leave my evenings free for crafting.

I could say that's it, I don't have the same amount of time as I did before. But in reality I know it isn't that. It's to do with not being able to leave things half finished, not having anywhere to set up the machine or the cutting mat and to leave it there. Yes, I need a craft room to prevaricate in.


It's to do with the knitting! Yes, the downside of the portability (and tactile attractions of the cashmere and alpaca) is that there has to be a strong urge to counterbalance that when I have time to allocate to craft.

But now would be an ideal time. I am between knittings, on the needles I have socks which have been going since last August - no urgency there then! and a shawl which is pooling and scratchy! No draw there either, so what am I doing? Planning a lace design shawl of my own! No, I am prevaricating, again!

No, no, naughty me, put those KnitPicks down - stop fondling that silk/mohair/cashmere yarn,
get those fabrics out and get sewing! It isn't as if I don't know what I am going to do. Often delay is caused by indecision, which project shall I do? What colours shall I use? I need to buy ... x y z ! But no, none of those excuses apply. i know exactly what I am going to do, i have all the fabrics picked out and things are even cut and ready to sew, so no more excuses, Lady!

I have a feeling we've been here before! Sorry... but I am full of good intentions :o)

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