Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Things Shawl begins

Started this a few days ago with some Fibrespates yarn from my stash (more on that later). The pattern can be found here It's by the same designer as the Forest Canopy I knitted earlier this year. But this time with 3 charts to follow. There is lost of info on the 'Knitting as Fast as I Can site' about lace and reading charts so have a look round if you're curious :o)

So far so good with the knitting, although I have to confess to a lot of tinking (keep loosing yarn overs *rolls eyes*). The yarn is another matter! I like the colours, and so far pooling is not a big problem (see the pink splash in the middle, I can live with that) but yarn is not nice to knit with. The band says it's 100 wool but that's all the info I have, it is thinner on the lighter colours and slightly thicker on the darker ones, it is rough to the touch and each stitch grabs it's neighbours so tinking is a pain and it is generally blerck! Not a happy bunny, give me Posh Yarn any day (every day?)

Whilst I mention PY, have you seen tomorrow evenings sale yarns?! I am in covetous heaven, I want it! All of it! VBG Ah well I will have to choose a favourite and hope I'm quick to bid, thankfully most colours have multiple skeins so I have high hopes :o)

In other news I have been sewing, would you like photos or shall I keep it a secret and do a 'big reveal' at the end?

And finally ... I really must blog more often :o)

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Helen said...

The new shawl looks lovely, such a pretty colour. I really want to start on my FC, but have to finish the most fiddly socks in the world first ;)

Pictures! We want lots of pictures!