Monday, April 16, 2007

More Spring Things

Progress so far is slow :o(

The laceweight takes forever to grow!

Here's where I've got to tonight, 13th repeat of chart A rows 13-18 finished and nowhere near big enough so more repeats it is :o)

Good job I have plenty of this yarn, I've used 10gms (ish) so far.

Must get some digital scales.

Strange that it's my crafting that makes me buy domestic appliances (if you can call scales an appliance).

I smiled to myself when I finally bought an iron ... because I needed to iron the seams on my patchwork.

And now I need scales to accurately weigh my yarn.

Sadly the process is not the thing with this yarn. Don't like it, although I have adapted to it and got used to the scratchiness of it. Now i don't like the pooling at all. See the big purple patch on the top left and the large blue splodge on the top right? Nah! Not impressed with the way this is knitting up at all. I am tempted to frog and CO something different in a different yarn. But at the mo I am also trying not to get too distracted by my knitting as I am working on some applique too. But this is supposed to be my evening relaxation when K has gone to bed, but it's not working for me, not at all. Some projects just don't ... gell.

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