Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Postman brought these ...

What a great morning, and this isn't all I am expecting *blushes* there's 'some' PY stash to come yet. Whilst you're there check out Dee's blog as she's got photos of the guys doing the dirty work *shock* :o)

These knitterly goodies are an excellent demonstration of not only my excess *sigh* but also of the connections made through the internet.

The KnitPicks are to complete my Options set. Knitpicks make lovely interchangable needles with the smoothest connection between needle and cord of any I've tried (and I've tried several) I don't use anything else these days. There are a few of their classic circ for the smallest sizes which Options don't go down to, and some longer chords. Knitpicks do not post to the UK. Er, don't really know what to say to that... do we not knit? Have we no money? What is the story with that one? Answers on a postcard.

That takes me to the second connection. Sebskins (see She Says She Can Knit) very kindly allowed me to piggyback her order for the second time, kindly posted here for her by a friend who lives in the USA.

And the third connection is that I met Sebskins through the Angel Yarns Forum. It is truly a wonderful thing to make connections with people and to discover that there is still trust in the world. Sebskins ordered the KP items and organised posting the goodies on to me and another forum member - at lightening speed :o) - and trusted people she has never laid eyes on to be honest and to pay up once we knew the cost. It really does my heart good to know people through the internet.

The yummy yummy yarn, i can't tell you how soft and squishy that yarn is, is from another forum member, Cazza. She recently started a small business selling hand dyed yarns and this is my first purchase from her. First but not last!

Another connection brought the books to my house. EBay! These books by Elizabeth Zimmermann are not available in the UK so I got them from US sellers on eBay. I wanted them due to a final connection, this time the Yarn Harlot played her part when she wrote a post about a garter stitch jacket I had to have the pattern for.

So there you have it, the interweb feeds my shopping habit and brings me goodies that support my knitting addiction. I am enabled! :o)

Edited to add - those books are available here! Doh! You can get them from Luckily due to the favourable exchange rate I haven't paid any more than I would have to get them here but I would have got them a lot quicker! Should have asked the forum, we live and learn. Saving for the last one of the EZ book 'Knittting Around' - then I'll have them all ... I think ... I'll just go ask the forum :o)


Fiona said...

Technically - I don't think that is stash. It's mostly needles and patterns. How else can you knit up the stash if there's nothing to knit with?

I can justify any shopping. :-)

sebskins said...

Such lovely comments about me, I'm seriously blushing !!! I am so glad to help and so glad to have met you too. I like to help if I can and happy that you are happy....yeah..sounds right that!!
Everyone's happy!!! Hurararahhh!!!