Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Things, the next installment,.

If you remember, I started the Spring Things shawl, and then put it aside for a while as the pooling of the colours in the yarn was annoying me.
Well, after knitting with the chenille for DD's jacket I found the fibrespates feels soft and lovely *shock* so I can recommend a diversion away from lace knitting will help you learn to appreciate a scratchy lace in future. It doesn't feel scratchy at all now.

Plus despite the pooling I still like the pattern and the colours and want to make my friend a shawl for her birthday, which is approaching at a rate of knots(nots?) anyway, getting closer quickly :o)

So I am back.

The Spring Things now has 20 repeats of the Chart A pattern and I need to decide how many more I am going to add before I start Chart B... the original shoulder shawl size has 13 but I knew I wanted it bigger than that. The question is , how much bigger? Yarn is not a problem as I have 2 more skeins of this colour. Slight variation in intensity means I'd rather just use one more but as I haven't finished the first yet I feel safe to continue for a while yet? But how many more repeats will be enough?

The pooling is still bothering me a bit... I am hoping that the blocking will make it less obvious. A false hope?


Susan said...

If you make the upper portion a lot larger, you might want to work more repeats of the border also. That will balance the two lace patterns better.

Christina said...

I think it looks lovely, and would never noticed the pooling if you hadn't mentioned it. This one is on my list too :)

yarnsnob said...

pooling? i don't see any sure?? looks very pretty tho