Monday, April 09, 2007

Not really a Shoalwater

Spending time at Mum's is good for my knitting! Knitted on the train on the way there, knitted during the evening, knitted on the train on the way back :o) Sadly didn't get to go and see my Aunty as K came down with a cold; runny nose, ear ache and a visit to the out of hours doctor meant no contact with someone undergoing chemo for me or Little Miss. But I left my pressie with Mum to be delivered later.

This second photo is an accurate representation of the colour. Isn't it delicious? I really like the Ocean with the Patter (Posh Yarn Emily). I need to finish the rest of the ball in the first photo and then decide whether to continue this to throw/blanket size or whether to leave it at 4 skeins as a wrap size as per the book. I am leaning toward the second as I am ready for a new project and if I put this aside to start something else it may never get finished.
I have had it off the needles to frog back a few rows a couple of times (missed out a complete set of YOs *Doh*) and it is L ....... O........N........G (very, very long) - *shock* - but is it wide enough? Ho hum, dilemma, dilemma. Will I have anywhere long enough to block it? How do I block wavy edges? Ho hum. But on a more positive note the yarn is yummy, soft and bouncy and just gorgeous to knit with and I have enjoyed every stitch (even the frogged ones, honest!)

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sebskins said...

So beautiful, both the ocean and pattern compliment each other so well, good choice!! Can wait to see it blocked..curved edges?? you're going to have fun