Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lace Stash Two/Too *blushes*

The story continues ... yesterday my
postie brought the PY stash enhancement :o) and today the Sage green from Angel Yarns.
My collection is nearly complete 'cos I can't buy no more :o( All that is outstanding is some hand dyed yarn I have ordered from Cazza and then I will be replete!
Must knit faster, must knit faster.
Time to start designing my own lace goodies I think, anyone for Pi?
Colours for the PY are Apple, Hibiscus, Ocean, and Delicate. I feel a stole coming on.


kathryn said...

I love your PY stash enhancement! Those colours are gorgeous.

I answered your question re Glade on my blog but then I thought you might not find it.....
I'm not sure if I'll have enough yarn because I haven't done enough of the edging even for a rough estimate. It is really slow and I need to do so much...I should have a better idea after the weekend.

sebskins said...

whose been a naughty girl???

Michaela said...

I blame Dee. She keeps putting all this temptation in our way, just how are we to refuse? I'm a sock yarn junkie - but I don't knit socks. However, it all looks so pretty, why should we not spoil ourselves?