Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby Blanket gets a Border, or how I picked up over 600 stitches and wondered why.

A little ahead of myself, it hasn't got it's border yet, I'm just beginning.

The centre of 'field of flowers' was intended to be made square by knitting an equal number or gs ridges to the number of stitches cast on. Nice and simple, yes?

No. At a little shy of 2/3 I was knitting a square when all dimensions are stretched very slightly. Thank goodness for those super long KP Options cables. I laid it on the table and thought to myself "That's a square, that is!"

So intentions are shelved and knitting by the seat of the pants instigated. 2/3rds of cast on stitches for the number of ridges, it is. Now I am inclined to rush these things and 'cast off' prematurely but I have measured and measured and looked and looked and it is square, it really is. Near as 'damn it' is to swearing, and certainly once blocked!

All of which means my next job tonight is to pick up all those edging stitches and begin knitting the border.

How I have dithered over this. In the end (although I am presuming no last minute change of mind here) I am going for an Old Shell/Shale border and staying with the Shetland theme. I did consider the tree of life, but more of that another time.

I have just started the 3rd ball of yarn which leaves me with just enough to knit a decent border and edging, I hope :o) Wish me luck!


susan said...

You would probably only get a square with the same number of rows and stitches if you were knitting the whole thing in garter stitch, not just the border. Have you every tried Sharon Miller's method of knitting from point to point? I can never seem to get that to work out to make a nice diamond a/k/a square. It always looks slightly elongated. I usually just knit in the round from the center out to the border (a la Elizabeth Zimmermann). Then you don't have to pick up the border stitches. They're already on your needle.

Jacqui said...

Did try a centre out but it was a Pi shawl, same difference really, couldn't get off the needles onto circs but it was in a cobweb mohair - probably biting off more that I could chew - probably? Definately! it's in the naughty corner, and there it will stay. :o)

Haven't tried the diamond yet, but maybe next time?

susan said...

You can make a square by knitting from the center out. Just increase 2 sts in each corner every other round instead of spreading the increases out evenly spaced like you do with the Pi shawl. Actually, I have the instructions written out. Let me know if you want my notes.

Jacqui said...

Sorry I think I was a bit unclear - I know how to do the square from the centre out but I've only tried the Pi so far :o) So much knitting to do and so little time *sigh!* But if you want something doing ask a busy woman, as they say. I think 'they' should keep quiet I've got enough on my plate ;o)