Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I love it when people leave comments :o)

As Jan said she was looking for a pattern, and I have nothing finished to show you (the wip looks like a crumpled dishcloth), I thought I's share some of my favourites.

Many of you will know these already but for the few who don't - here goes:

Angel Yarn's forum for help and advice.
Susan's Blog for Spring Things and Forest Canopy Shawls to download. some beautiful shawls to download here too.
Pink Lemon Twist oooooooohhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhh!
List of triangular shawls organised by yarn requirements, many of them free patterns, great for stash busting.
Then there's patterns by fiddlesticks and Ilga Leja and Fibretrends and Goddess Knits these are links to UK suppliers (as that's what I have bookmarked) but are available in lots of places I am sure.

Don't forget to look for Knitalongs to help you on your way too, especially for Victorian Lace Today. There's inspiration for you! A lot of lace knitters join knitalongs and I can recommend them for adding the social element and for help in creating that heirloom.

Talking of which please don't miss one day I will knit this and this and this!

But if I start a list of 'one day's we'll be here a long time :o)

Hope you find something to inspire you, Jan.

PS I have enabled anonymous comments - hint, hint! Leave me a message :o)


kerrie said...

Yay for being able to comment! I often mean to tell you that I have stuff to say but can't comment but then I forget, brain too full of fluff and stuff! Did your YF arrive yet? x

Queen Frogger said...

Thank you for those links, I hadn't seen Pink Lemon Twists before, lovely! I have lost my lace mojo a bit but love to look at other lacey stuff!

Michaela said...

Oh, so you want a comment? Well, why didn't you say so?! I've never done any lace knitting - those charts look too complicated for me. Give me stocking stitch and lots of colours any day. However, I keep stopping by just to drool at all your lacey stuff (especially the Posh Yarn Stash!) and think that one day I'll be brave and give it a go...

yarnsnob said...

I comment...sometimes want to say too much!!!! I forget what I want to say!!! Good links J!!