Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Aran, it's Posh, and it's Purple!

Posh Yarn
Ball: Victoria, Mulberry, 100g, 230 yds.
Cake: Victoria, Gothic, 190g, 440yds.
These want to be in the stashalong quest to knit up some of my yarn but I don't know what they want to be.
Can you help?
The cake might want to be a Gothic Forest Canopy Shawl. Kathryn has made some beautiful FCs in aran. But I like this yarn so much I want to get it right *blushes* will I wear it? Would I be better with a stole? Do I have enough for a stole?
The dilemma for the ball is the yardage, what can I make with 230yds? This is why I often let the aran and other weights (not lace, there's lots of yardage on the lace) pass me by; what can I make with just a little yarn that will show the colours and softness of the yarn to it's best?
Any suggestions?
To avoid getting it wrong, I could take the easy way out and just sit and look at them, see ... aren't they beautiful? I'll just sit here and look! :o)


ContinentalCat said...

I really like the idea of an FC in that colour, it's gorgeous and very dramatic!

As for the 230yds, could you make a little stole?

Or is it possible to combine the two? Both lovely shades that would work well together. You could use the Gothic for the 'body' of a shawl and the Mulberry for the edging?

Lothlorian said...

how about a hat for the ball?? or mitts perhaps, its a very pretty shade

nicole said...

Gorgeous stuff. What about a little purse or bag with the aran weight yarn?

knittynora said...

What about some fetching gloves?