Sunday, May 06, 2007

Keeping it fresh.

Having a quick catch up with SharonB's blog this morning I wanted to share both her topic and a link.

Time to spring clean the blog? Yep :o)

And the link? It's ideal if your thinking about your blog (or starting a blog) . I don't necessarily agree with all the tips but they're a good place to start.

So with a fresh blog in mind I give you spring things part ? Not sure where I'd got to but this is where I am now.

21 repeats of chart A/1 and 4 completed repeats of chart B/2 . The rows are now v.e.r.y. long I haven't counted how many stitches; if you're a maths whiz you can work it out, but I can't! I may attempt a count before I cast off, hopefully by the end of the bank holiday. Each repeat it taking two evenings work, so maybe not.

In the, perhaps, mistaken belief that any photo is better than no photo:

Guess which photo the sun came out for? :o)
As they are blurred (camera shake) I have kept them small, sadly you will see nothing more by enlarging (sigh!) The other camera is being temperamental *rolls eyes* so blur is all I and the substitute camera can manage due to the extremely long exposure/ slow shutter speed and my inability to stand perfectly still indefinitely. Add my unwillingness to arrange some sort of tripod (yes, I know but I can't be bothered) and we have blurr!

Another project has been lurking at the bottom of the WIP pile. I bought some Celestial from AY ages ago and started a Zimmermann Pi inspired shawl to create my own design. Bronte inspired me to get this out again and try to get past the centre stage where working on dpns is not at all pleasant. Now I have it out to photograph I am convinced I need to come down a couple of needle sizes. I am tempted to start again with a wrap and try my first Pi with 4 ply! Perhaps something from the extensive PY stash? it's their sale tonight and I will only be looking, honest, but I have lots of PY lovelies to choose from for a stole or another attempt at the Pi.

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Bronte said...

Keep going with the Pi! You're almost at the stage where you can put it on a circ, and that makes likfe so much easier. :-)