Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Secret Summer Santa

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Look what my lovely Santa sent me.


The most perfectly formed skeing ofArtizan NZ merino (above) and a lovely card making kit too with pretty shells, seahorses and starfish on (below), oh and fudge (that's gone!).


So now when I need cheering up, I will sneak off to my stash and stroke the pretty things, yummy lace in my perfect colours. But I don't know what to make with the mohair *wanders off scratching head*.

Btw DH wants to know if Santa is trying to indoctrinate me into some cult of Scientology or something, and says we are 'flakey', and why don't we just spend £20 on ourselves and then we'll know we will like what we get. He doesn't get it, does he?

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Sussex Yorkie said...

All husbands are the same. Mine was intending putting my name and address on the registered post label. Doh!
I'm still looking at Endear xx