Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Entering the Home Straight

I have finished 21 repeats of Chart A, 5 repeats of Chart B and half way through Chart C. I am nearly there, nearly. I have to tell you this, as the temptation to put this Spring Things aside is great due to the huge number of stitches and the length of time it takes to knit each row.

I have not counted them (that's take up valuable knitting time) but I estimate at least 400 stitches a row now and this slow mindful knitting is dragging. The promise of the magic that is blocking keeps me going :o)

Yesterday I did something to my right index finger and I was panic stricken that I might now be able to knit! I sympathise very deeply with my Mum now, she broke her finger a little while ago and has not been able to knit for AGES, weeks and weeks. Mum, I hope it's better now *note to self - ring Mum and find out if it's better now!* Happily (I was doing cartwheels with joy- mentally) there was no impediment last night when I picked up the needles.

So, if I can avoid the time eating Internet tonight and crack on with the knitting I may be able to finish Chart C and the ... the cast off begins!

Hope you are all fit and able to knit today and for many many long years to come. Spare a though for those who can't.

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