Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finished shawl

ETA another photo

more photos on flickr

Yarn Fibrespates, colour: Marie, Lace Weight 450m per 50gm skein x 2

Needles KnitPicks Options size 3.75mm

Time 1 month of evenings.

Adaptations 21 repeats of Chart A, 5 repeats of Chart B otherwise as per the pattern

Modeled by DD More pictures on my flickr account. Finished size 74" x 38"

I am really pleased with how this turned out, it drapes beautifully the variegated yarn doesn't totally obscure the lace pattern, the size is just right, and the pattern was interesting enough, with nupps and all to keep me going to the end. My initial reservations about the yarn are gone, the second skein was softer and the whole thing is lovely now it has bee washed. The blue dye did bleed out quite a lot on first washing so I will warn the recipient to wash carefully in future. The pooling which spoiled the initial stages of knitting this for me is much less obvious now the whole thing is finished and doesn't detract from the shawl.

Lovely pattern, well written as was Forest Canopy, nice clear accurate charts. Just one question, I wonder why the last section wasn't charted?

I'd like to try this one again at some future date in a solid /semi-solid yarn to see how much more pronounced the lace pattern becomes.

A lovely 100gm project - I had just 4 gms left at the end. Phew!


susan said...

OMG, it's fabulous!
The last part wasn't charted because I couldn't fit another chart on the page. ;)
And just 4 grams of yarn left? Awesome. I love when that happens.

Jacqui said...

Thank you Susan.:o) I love blogging, where/how else would I get to ask the designer a question and get a response in 2 hours? I think if I do thid one again, I'd take the time to write out the chart for the last bit ;o)

yarnsnob said...

its beautiful sure knit fast..are you trying to knit faster, to use up your laceweight yarn, so to buy more??? lol.....

LittleBerry said...

The colours & the knitting are beautiful. I think you're right the variegated yarn doesn't detratct from the pattern too much and am sure the recipient will love it....

belle said...

Jam, this is just beautiful !! It's so dainty and delicate, all cobwebby. You are truly one talented "artisan"

Badger said...

That's a bit special is that! Really gorgeous :)