Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bug Jar Quilt

Can't believe it's been a week since my last post. I have been really busy but not done much crafting. My dear friend who gave me two large bin bags crammed with wool last week has given me 6 more - I now have enough wool to never need to buy any more even if I knit every day for the rest of a very long life! Arran, mohair, DK, 4 ply, every colour you can imagine. I sorted through and got the lot down to 6 bags. I will sell the rest on eBay, 2 others of single balls or part balls already started also colours I can't imagine ever using like bright yellow! In addition to this Nancy has also given me hundreds (literally) of patterns which she has said I can sell if I don't want them. Now I need to find the time to list them all :) With all this knitting abundance I have started another quilt!

The Bug Jar Quilt is for my nephew for Christmas I figured that if I start it now it has a chance of getting finished. I also need to do one for his little sister. The top is nearly half pieced. I am making it single bed sized, the pattern in A P&Q is for a throw. Some of the fabrics are from Monika in Australia - we were both doing the same quilt and she asked if anyone on the forum had the pattern. I sent her a photocopy and we agreed that as we were both collecting bug prints we should increase out stash by swapping a few. Monika has finished her quilt months ago. I'm not sure if I will send Lucy a bug quilt or if I should find something else to put in the jars, maybe fairies, but that seems a little cruel.

Somehow I have been sucked back into some of the swaps on the craft forum too. I must not sign up for any more as I am beginning to feel a little over committed already, most of the deadlines are for after the kids go back to school in the autumn tho' so I should be okay as long as I stop now. This year so far I have kept to just the friendship block swap and the CQRR and I was feeling good about those. I have a wonderful idea for belle's CQ but it will be rather tricky so I will keep it to myself until I see if I can do it :) Off to bed now - feeling exhausted.

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