Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On closer Inspection ...

Last night I sat down with a cuppa to take a better look at my new books and they both contain much more information than I initially thought, thankfully :) I 'managed' (as if I wouldn't) to pop to the craft shop for some ribbon. They didn't have any crewel needles but I have so many needles 'somewhere' in this house I must surely be able to find something suitable and this evening I will have a go at some simple stitches. I am leaving the flowers for a little later and just going to get a feel for sewing with ribbon. Looking forward to it but don't think it's an activity conducive to 2 year olds to it will have to be tonight. The shop I went to was the local patchwork and knitting shop which I found via eBay (mentioned in an earlier post) it also sells lots of ribbon, buttons, charms, beads, accessories etc, etc. a little gold mine :)

I have also started my socks - if I get on okay I could give them to my Dad for his birthday later this month. Don't know what size they will end up yet. Isn't craft a lovely adventure - for me at least - I never know at the start how things will end up and the evolution of a project is sometimes dissapointing, usually pleasing but always a surprise.

On a sadder note I visited a friend who has had to give in to her arthritis and stop knitting. This is very good news for my wool stash but so very very sad for Nancy. I could tell she was trying not to cry when she told me. This lovely lady is practically house bound and has to sit most of the time in one chair and now because of the deteriorating state of her hands has had to give up knitting due to the pain she experiences and the loss of the use of some of her fingers. I did suggest she might try bamboo needles as they are lighter and warmer but she has hardly any grip left in either hand especially the left. I feel so desperately sorry for her, how awful it must be to not be able to knit anymore. Her lovely husband does all the housework and all her personal care, dressing, bathing, etc. and now she has had to stop the thing she has clung onto for years. Nancy used to be a needlework teacher many years ago and has made knitted gifts for many generations of friends and family. I send her all my love and positive thoughts, I can do no more :( I wonder sometimes if I should not talk about what I have been doing for fear of upsetting her by reminding her of what she has lost but she always asks how I've been doing and what I've been making. So very sad. It reminds me not to complain about lack of time for my crafting - I can make more time if I try, Nancy can do nothing about her situation at all.


sharonb said...

That is so sad and I must admit fearful as one of my fears is loss of my being able to use my hands

Jacqui said...

I never thought of arthritis before knowing Nancy but I have always feared that my eyesight (already very short sighted) would get too poor to be able to see well enough to craft.