Monday, June 20, 2005

Seam Treatments

Here are the pictures of the new block. First the whole block

and here are the different seams: pink ribbon with feather stitch in red Marlet and beads - I used this to 'hide' an area where the seams underneath were exposed raw edges,

Secondly my first attempt at SRE - just a straight running stitch with a different ribbon woven through - think I should have used a silk ribbon for the running stitch and this was satin (I think)

Next using cross stitch in stranded cotton to hold down a seam I couldn't sew with the maching but did fold under whilst making the original block

And finally, so far, a running chain stitch in the corner where I will sew a spider's web later. I may add some more foliage in green to 'hang' the web from.

So far I am pleased with what I have done but I want to practice some simple SRE flowers to add as well as the web. Got another book from the library today on SRE


Maureen said...

It's great to see you trying so many stitches.The more you do........(VBG)
but seriously,Seeing everyone else's ideas ,are I find,great for helping you try out new ideas.
Keep it up.Where would we be without libraries!!

J J said...

Wow Jacqui, you've certainly inspired me to try more cq, I'm planning to do the next mini swap with it.

Jan said...

Jacqui, thanks for the inspiration, 've been scouring all my old mags and books for stitches that can be used, playing around with a few and doing a test piece before I sit down and plan the mini swap. Like you I look at clothes in op shops and wonder what I can do with them. The ladies at St. Vinnies have got quite used to me muttering under my breath as I mentally work out what I could do with each piece.
I knew saving all those itty bitty scraps was a good thing.