Friday, June 03, 2005

Making Up is Hard to Do!

What is it about assembling knitting into the finished article that defeats me?

My mum sews things up really tightly just the way she knits them - they never come undone but you can't get them over your head and she often has to add buttons.

My aunt sews up so loosely that her seams always come undone - it's a family joke that pieces knitted by her have the most beautiful even tension but will come apart while you wear them.

Me, I just hate sewing things up.

I have a romper suit I knitted for my son when he was a baby which is still waiting to be made up - all the pieces are finished I just never got around to sewing it all together. He is now 13 - guess it wont fit him!

I have recently knitted a jumper for my foster child - just a little jumper should be quick to make up but no - it has been sitting in the knitting bag for at least 3 weeks waiting.

Finally got around to it last night and I somehow managed to sew the back into a tube as if it were a sleeve - how did I do that? I have no idea. Having unpicked half my work I have put it back in the bag 'for later...'

Problem is
1. I made it from my stash of donated wool in colours I don't really like and
2. it is nearly summer here and X will probably have grown out of it by the time it suits the weather, or, have been moved on. <>

Maybe I should try knitting in the round so there are fewer seams. Good excuse to look for some new patterns :)

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