Sunday, June 05, 2005

Made Up

I finished sewing up the little jumper for X. Even if we have a warm summer it will do fine as a pull over for evenings on the beach. Lets face it warm in Northumberland isn't exactly tropical. No problems sewing up (second time around!) but did add some more 'flowers' and unpick the neckband seam to add a button - must be my mother's daughter after all! :) Cast off a little too tightly I suspect. Came out quite well considering it is from donated wool and not my first choice for colours - we wont loose X in a crowd!. Now I just have to persuade X not to pull the flowers off.

Now to proceed to the sleeves for the Collinette cardigan. Bit less to sew up there as the front and back are knitted in one piece.

Also need to post Elly's CQ block on as the deadline is approaching. Then must make Lyn's block for the friendship swap. Sometime soon I should begin my Xmas quilt projects for niece and nephew and the bag I am supposed to make my other niece. Busy, busy just the way I like it :)

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Sharon said...

So cute!!!!! I wish I could knit properly!!!!! I found an old knitting book that I knitted a couple of baby jmpers for my girls - very many moons ago... I think I fall in love with the whole 'tiny garment' knitting... Very plain scarves are about my limit though...S