Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Latest Venture

My sock kit arrived this morning. It includes a special varigated sock wool which knits up into a pattern 'as if by magic' :) and 5 double pointed needles, pattern, stitch markers, & darning needle. So I am all ready to go. I have knitted in the round before but not socks but reading quickly through the pattern it all looks quite straight forward - famous last words!

I also received my two new SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) books. Good day for the postie :) 15 FQs as well (but they don't count as I have stopped buying FQs). These books are a little dissappointing, not sure what I expected but they don't seem to have enough 'how' stuff in them. Is SRE really this simple? It looks very complicated on the fabric but the books basically say it is embroidery but with 'silk'! In which case it shouldn't be that hard. More famous last words! I guess the only way to really tell is to DO SOME. Doh! Must go and buy some silk ribbon...

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Maureen said...

You don't mention WHICH books you purchased.Do tell!
To save costs,see if you cabn buy some quarter inch (or finer) polyester ribbon to start with.The polyester is about half the price of silk,and is a wee bit stiffer but that's not really a problem when you first start out.Make yourself a "scribble cloth" (a piece of calico or homespun and start off by doing flat stitch and ribbon stitch to get the "feel" of things.
Make certain that you use a good sized CREWEL need to have an eye BIGGER than the width of the ribbon to prevent wear on the ribbon.