Sunday, June 26, 2005

P.S. Dad's Socks

He did like them (although I think he was a bit confused by them!) but said he wasn't sure when he'd get a chance to wear them. Told him they were to keep his feet warm when he goes to watch Grantham United play football!


Maureen said...

If among ALL those yarns,you find some with interesting textures( eyelashes,fake fur,knobbly ones etc,please remember to cut and save a couple of metres of each one.
Couched to your CQ block,you can end up with creepers,vines,seaweed,etc.Well worth keeping samples to try out!
Maureen in Qld

Sharon said...

LOL Maureen - I read your comment very quickly and thought you had written -" find some interesting THINGS like eyelashes, fur and knobbly bits..." For a moment I thought what is this yarn made of? Then I did a re-read... Yep, I was having an elderly moment - BIG TIME!!!!!!! But if it were made up of 'different' bits and pieces the mind boggles what they could be...Now I had better go before YOU do think I am CRAZY!!!!!

Maureen said...

Oh Sharlee
"senior moments" are contagious VBG.
I was only trying to get Jacqui to think further outside the square(ie knitting) and use her bags n bags of yarn as experiments!