Sunday, June 19, 2005

More CQ

In the end I couldn't wait for my next blocks in the RR to arrive so I have made myself another block (using the same palette of colours as my first) to work on while I am waiting. I intend to practice my ribbon embroidery on this block and to try some more embroidery threads other than the usual 6 stranded Anchor / DMC variety.

The block itself is a little more interesting than the one I made for the RR. More pieces and more seams. I also put some lace into one seam as I was making the block. Plus I 'freaked' less about leaving exposed edges. The first of these I have covered with a length of pink ribbon which I have done a red Marlet feather stitch down and sewn clusters of bead to. Next I secured a seam with cross stitched and decorated another with chain stitch. I tried some simple ribbon work doing a running stitch down a seam and weaving another ribbon in and out of it. I don't think I used the correct needle, something with a shaper point might have made life easier but the end result is 'near enough'. The first ribbon was satin I think and with hindsight I probably would have been better using the silk ribbon I used for weaving to do the sewing through the material with, you learn by doing. Next I intend to do a spider's web in one corner but I haven't decided which yet, eyes were getting tired so off to bed. Pictures to follow ... And then there will be buttons ... and then ...

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