Monday, June 13, 2005

Sock it to 'em

Here are the lovely socks - well one of them and the beginning of the other. As well as failing to sew up my knitting projects in the past I also find it difficult to knit the same piece twice - sleeves, cardigan fronts, just get bored easily. But that was the old me - and the new me knows that one sock is no good without the other!

The wool is Socka and is 75% superwash virgin wool 25% polyamide, the variegated colours knit up into lovely patterns of stripes and 'fairisle' type areas, as you can see. This wool can be ordered as a kit complete with needles, pattern and stitch markers from so if you've thought of trying knitting in the round and fancy some fancy socks - what's stopping you?

Now the only question is "what does my dad think of stripy socks?" Happy birthday Dad.


Maureen said...

So,if I understand you correctly,you don't have to knit fairisle patterns,the wool does it for you?
Must admit that as I live in a sub-tropical area I haven't had the NEED to knit for 30 years.and I wasn't too crash-hot than!

Jacqui said...

Yes that's right - it's just one ball of varigated wool with just the right amount of each colour so it knits up to look like you've used lots of differnt wools to make the pattern - cleverer than I am :) I wouldn't even attempt fairisle I just do plain knitting, purl and the occasional cable or basket weave patterm.