Tuesday, July 17, 2007


A lovely surprise from the postman. Well, he delivered it, doesn't strike me as a knitter, but who knows? Maybe Postie has seen so many yarny parcels now that he has decided to pick up his pointy sticks and join us - for some reason that is a very funny idea LOL

Anyway, I digress!

Donna sent me this lovely dishcloth.

But could I use it for dishes? Never, far too pretty for that. It is lovely Donna, thank you, it must have taken ages in the 4 ply, and it is lovely. I think I'll use it as a face cloth , then everyone will see how pretty it is.

Donna also included a lovely little summer solstice soap, what a treat. S

Since I lost my sense of smell I stopped buying myself such indulgences, but it is lovely to be spoilt even if I can't fully appreciate the fragrance. Some of my sense is coming back albeit in a changed form and as time goes on I am forgetting what things should smell like and learning their new muted smells. Sadly natural fragrances are the slowest to return, which still makes me very sad. Less sad than it used to though, so I guess I am getting used to it. On the positive side there are lots of nasty smells I don't get too, so cleaning the cat litter tray is much less unpleasant :o)

This was part of a dishcloth swap organised on the AY Forum. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the one I sent, and it wasn't nearly as nice as this one :o)


Nevisknitter said...

Lovely dishcloth,looking forward to the next swap, I've just been shopping for cotton

Lindsey said...

Very nice cloth. I've just finished one that I think will be my contribution to swap #2. If I don't change my mind completely! ;-)

Interesting about your sense of smell. My sister lost hers after suffering a concussion several years ago. She then (I kid you not) suffered a second concussion 2-3 years later, and seems to have regained some smell since then. Directly related? Maybe not...and I certainly don't recommend clonking yourself on the head as a treatment! ;-) The plus side for her is that she was a picky eater, and is now willing to try more foods....

Donnae said...

Glad you liked your cloth Jacqui. Reading Lindsey's comment made me remember that a friend of mine also lost her sense of smell probably through concussion as well. She banged her head falling from a horse. I think she can smell somethings now, but only very strong smells and normally unpleasant ones!