Friday, July 27, 2007

Too tired to knit?

Well, yes, sometimes!

He slept for 10 hours (so that was a 5am wake up- ugh!) which cannot be complained about, especially in a strange bed with strange noises and smells all around.

But I lay awake and listened to make sure I didn't miss it if he cried - sigh!

Early night tonight then? Oh yes!

Quick sum on the Della says it took from the 20th June to the 25th July with 7 days off for my head-cold. So approx a month. Kerrie has it now and is taking the photos for the club launch. MS3? No, say this very quitely, but I don't like the pointy edge of the stole :o( maybe I should adapy it? Maybe I'll like it when I can see the whole thing? Maybe I should knit something completely different :o) Maybe I should just go to bed now!

Good Night!

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belle said...

Oh, sorry to hear Tom missed out... how is he ?