Monday, July 16, 2007

A whole lot of Lace

Still cataloguing the stash - Lane Borgosesia, Cashwool, 1 each of Olive and Wine Heather, and 2 of White. 100% Extra Fine Merino 100gm/1251m - 1375 yards approx, that's a whole lot of lace!

I'd like to make a beautiful Shetland square baby shawl with the white and some of the spectacular stoles from VLT with the colours.

Annette, thank you for the yarn composition (from yesterday), I am hopeless so it's a good job someone else isn't and that's you :o) The whole cataloguing thing is (as well as an excuse to fondle the stash) supposed to get me more organised and give me a demonstration that I don't need any more yarn, but hey, I knew that already. Doesn't seem to be having a noticeable effect so far *rolls eyes*

Queen of the froggers, yes it was from you :o) it's gorgeous and I will use it for something beautiful, I love Lavender.


Annette said...

Not buy any more yarn.. now there's a good idea (in theory) so how come every Sunday we end up buying more Posh Yarn? Must knit from stash, must knit from stash.....

Jacqui said...

Too true Annette, but in the past I have bought *coughs & blushes* more than 1 so I am being good really. Or it could be that everyone else got there before me Grrr! ;o)

Nevisknitter said...

Enjoying seenig all your stash, is this just the tip of the iceberg.